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Cabin for One

Cabin for One

I am a little ashamed that it took me this long to list this candle online - but of all my talents, website design is not my favorite. (There, I said it).


This candle, though, is.


If you've taken a candle class from me and I've put on the fragrance oil bottle "Best Fragrance Oil Ever and I Will Die on This Hill" (based on a true story) - this is that fragrance. Birch, cinnamon, a touch of orange and clove - it is really a perfect cold month candle but I burn this all year round and never, ever get tired of it. (Portland doesn't either, it's one of our best selling candles).


I call it Cabin for One as a little reference to our need to withdraw from the wild, wild, world of social media, mass consumption, etc etc and just go hide in a log cabin somewhere.


This is a log cabin in the fall with a cinnamon broom on the porch and a blanket wrapped around you - and you can write if you want, read if you want, or do nothing. This candle won't judge you. I won't judge you. (and if anyone did you wouldn't care because your space will smell that good). 


Burn Me Right:


4 hours at a time, trim your wicks after each burn to prevent overheating and "mushrooming." The 12 ounce double wicked candle gives at least 80 hours total burn time, 40 hours minimum for the small, signle wicked candle. 


Materials: Coconut, soy, and organic palm wax (certified RSPO) and cotton wicks, fragrance oil is prop 65 compliant without phthalates, paraben free, no paraffin.

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