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Wooden Wick Intention Candle

Wooden Wick Intention Candle

An intention candle is crafted by us with a certain theme/vibe/manifestation/prayer for the user. While we always speak the intention to have a candle that burns safely, smells great and lifts the mood of the user and those around them, these candles are one step further.


The music played during crafting, meditative energy, scents, colors, and ethically sourced crystals are all unique to the candles. These are always done in very small batches to maintain focus. 


Shipping notes: The candle marbling will be lost when it is heated, therefore to preserve as much of the coloring we ship these candles on Monday and Tuesday to reduce melt risk due to long transports.


The re-usable tin candles hold 7 ounces of wax and burned about 30 hours total under our burning conditions.


The base is a vegan, coconut wax blend that is paraffin free. The wick is a sustainable wooden wick that crackles as the candle burns and produces a lovely lotus shaped flame. Inayat is a word that means care or concern in Arabic, and we love that term for the Empaths in our lives. This candle is for care of the Empath, or for a Healer that may need healing themselves.


The fragrance is a paraben free, phthalate free unique blend of Moonflower, Sage, and Cardamom, grounded with Amber base notes. The scent is moderately strong as you burn. The candle rests for several weeks and then is dressed and marbled with eco-dyes made only from renewable resources and biodegradable eco-glitter. 


Our crystals are ethically sourced from a trusted local source. This candle features a cluster of Lapis Lazuli, Blue Aventurine, Blue Goldstone, Clear Quartz and Obsidian. 


For this candle, we focus on openness in communication, stamina for the care we receive and provide, and protection from negative energies that being an Empath can sometimes invite.


Some affirmations we have found helpful for Empaths:


I am proud of my sensitivity.

I am worthy of equal energy exchange.

I love exploring my Empathy and how it empowers me, and the gift I am able to give to others. 




A candle for self-love. Scented with Rose, Amber, Oud, and spices. 




A candle for new project energy and sustained focus and concentration. Scented with orange, cinnamon, and clove. 




A prosperity candle, scented with clover, aloe, and bergamot.




A candle for meditation, with notes of Violets, Lavender, and spices. 

  • Intention Candle Care

    Before you light your candle, remember to set your intention for the energy you'd like to invite into your space. 

    For safe burning, we do not recommend burning for longer than 4 hours. Keep candles in your sight while burning. Keep away from drafts and away from flammable sources, especially loose fabrics, dried flowers, to name a few. The crystals in the candle are not flammable, however, they will sink into the melted wax of the candle. If you note the crystals close to the flame, extinguish it and move your crystals to the side with a tootpick or chopstick, then you may re-light. You may also choose to remove the crystals and place them next to your candle as you set your intentions. 

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