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"Go Touch Grass" Coconut oil free soap

"Go Touch Grass" Coconut oil free soap

A lovely, vegan soap with a rich lather, formulated with kaolin clay and other skin-loving oils. These bars feature only natural colorants- in this case, organic moringa and unrefined hempseed oil give this bar it’s beautiful, calming green. 


“Go Touch Grass” was inspired by two things - a hike in Forest Park, where I just loved the smell of “outside!” Fresh greenery and herbaceous notes - so we included some premium fragrance (grass, of course) paired with tea tree and pine essential oil. 


The second inspiration was a market request for a soap without coconut oil. Therefore we included responsibly sourced organic palm kernel oil and mango butter. We love our fair-trade, unrefined shea butter, but we recognize not everyone's skin does. Please note, we do not claim to have a hypoallergenic line. While we do use steel and glass to eliminate cross contamination, we do use coconut oil and shea butter in the vast majority of our soaps. If you believe our product could be a problem for your skin, please reach out and I can point you in the direction of more hypoallergenic local brands!


We also used olive oil, hempseed oil, and castor oil.


Each bar weighs at least 4.7 ounces and cures for at least 6 weeks before being released to produce a gentle, non-drying bar of beautiful handmade soap.

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