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Feels like 1995 Bar Soap

Feels like 1995 Bar Soap

Did anyone else doodle on the inside of their little rainbow dolphin folder in 1995, sporting some incredibly pokey butterfly clips?


(Did you see that they're coming back in style???)


These adorable rainbow soaps were crafted on a day where I was feeling kinda grey and needed some color, sparkle, and pizazz. They're scented with grapefruit, which is a scent that always boosts my confidence, and I like these kind of bright citrus scents in a morning shower.


Top that plant based rainbow soap off with some biodegradable plant "glitter" and you can feel good while you turn your troubles into bubbles.


  • Soap Care

    Help your soap last longer by using a soap tray or shower rack - air touching your soap on all sides between use will help it to last longer!

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