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Eu-Calypso Natural vegan soap

Eu-Calypso Natural vegan soap

Ahhh, the refreshing smell of Eucalyptus- this ocean inspired soap is a salt bar crafted with sea salt, seaweed powder, and a blend of essential oils. You don't have to cleanse your skin with boring soap, and this handcrafted bar is no exception. 


We 'superfat' our soaps, meaning our soaps are never stripping or drying. 


Most of our soaps use natural colorants (or none at all), and this vegan soap is one of those. The color you see comes from the incorporation of natural indigo powder and organic moringa. I was going for the slate color of the deep ocean that promises... you may get lost... especially if you wander into Calypso's lair. 


The tops of the soap feature embeds of cold process soap and sea salt.


Minimum bar weight is 4.7 ounces (you'll likely get more). 


Contains: Saponified oils and butters: Extra virgin olive, organic virgin coconut, fair-trade shea, cocoa, safflower & castor, kaolin clay, sodium lactate, essential oils (eucalyptus, rosemary, cedarwood, ginger), indigo, sea salt, moringa, seaweed powder, activated charcoal, titanium dioxide

  • Soap Care

    Handcrafted soap is luxurious on your skin, but leave it sitting in a puddle of water, and it will be a short lived love affair.

    We recommend using on a shower rack or soap dish so the water can fully drain off after each use. This will keep the soap from melting and leaving you with an unpleasant grimey feeling. 

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