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Enchanted Orchid Goat Milk Lotion

Enchanted Orchid Goat Milk Lotion

A customer at a recent Portland market slathered some of this amazing lotion on her skin, and said "Oooooh... this is luxurious... and the smell... it's like when you're going a good date."




This lotion has that updated floral that is like an expensive, unique perfume (phthalate free, of course) and glides into the skin like a pillow.


When I use this formula, my skin feels soft, moisturized, and glowy. The scent is one you're going to find more of very soon as I love it so much! This is made with a floral infusion of organic chamomile, calendula, and rose petals, paired with organic sunflower oil and a natural derived emulsifying wax. Vitamin E tops off the recipe.


You're going to love the thick formula, and the beauty of goat milk in skin care!

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