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Basic Wench (aka Pumpkin Spice soap)

Basic Wench (aka Pumpkin Spice soap)

Y'all know what was one of the most popular soaps at the Ren Faire? This one.


Don't let people hurt your feelings by calling you basic for loving pumpkin spice. Embrace that pumpkin spice drinkin', big sweater wearin', leaf crunchin' inner babe. (You can call my sister whatever you want, though, she inspired this soap).


This scent is one of my absolute favorite pumpkin spice! I don't love a too sweet bakery scent, and this is one of them. Added to a soap with creamy goat milk and real organic pumpkin, it makes a dreamy soap with a gorgeous lather.


Look no further for the perfect fall soap, because here it is!



  • Soap Care

    Help your soap last longer by using a soap tray or shower rack - air touching your soap on all sides between use will help it to last longer!

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