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Fall Sneak Peak and Star Jar Release!

At the time of this writing, there are only TWO weeks left before our fall scent release on September 1st.

Not only will we be debuting our large star jars..

But we will be adding a few new favorites to complement our classics, as well as the Fall scents y'all love so much.

The star jars burn over 40 hours (never burn your candle more than 4 hours at a time!) in total. The lids are custom ordered from a sister owned US company that did this beautiful detailed work to keep the dust out of our flame babies.

You'll be happy to hear that PDX Coffee Shop will be available in the large size, complete with wax coffee bean embeds and a touch of ethically sourced, natural mica for a little extra glimmer and glam.

You can catch the making of these here...

We'll have Pumpkin Spice, A Walk with Persephone (with notes of Oakmoss, Amber, and Musk). Here's a preview of the label for our "Sage" (if you've met me at a market, ya know how I feel about this...)

Dragon's Blood returns in the form of Il Drago e La Santa, which holds Dragon's Blood, Amber, and Palo Santo... to me it really catches a medieval times vibe slash a cathedral that's old but still in use... like where you'd go before embarking on a dragon quest. (OK, but you you got a tangent).

Yes to paraffin-free wax embeds with eco dyes and hand marbling, and that glitter? Biodegradable and made from Eucalyptus leaves!

For soaps, we have some embeds coming up for spooky season and chilly weater...

I've stamped up some magical activated charcoal soap which smells like you're in an enchanted forest under the moonlight...

And you may have seen me squealing over the most beautiful loaf of halloween themed soap! Does anyone... smell... children?

All of the above listings are vegan!

Some more to come, including the preview of A Walk with Persephone, one of our most popular soaps and a SELL OUT from last year will be available September 1st.

Midnight in Medusa's Garden is in the mold, and in a special candle form which I can't wait to show you! Here's the label as a teaser...

I'll be adding some more sneak peeks on my Instagram and on my Youtube channel this week!

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